Property in Asia Investment Opportunities

Property Asia provides the largest real estate portal for investors across Asia and abroad. We make it easier for both our clients and buyers to cross-buy and sell properties in Asia. Being an ideal hub for a lot of customers, our website and mobile platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online property search. With tremendous amount of project & listing from all over Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand, Property Asia also contains a wide variety of choice from Australia and United Kingdom. Here’s why this locations are still the best place invest.

Singapore is rated as the easiest real estate market for foreigner to enter. Out of all the properties in Asia, this Singapore property yields good return for investors. With transparent property market, information is easily found in the internet making it a sturdy economy to sit in. Shortage of land is beyond increasing driving all the prices up in the long term. On top of that, Singapore sits in with top class transit system, world class health care and first rate international schools making it the best place for expats with property to raise their children. Wealthy foreigners have been parking the money in Singapore real estate beyond the reach of the locals making Singapore a high in high return property in Asia.

Malaysia recently ranked in the top 6th in the world as the easiest and friendliness in doing business by World Bank! This brings Malaysia a big transformation for business investment worldwide. With the cheapest property prices in Asia and good growth despite the fall in economy, Malaysia spot in as the best place to invest in property in Asia. Malaysia also experiences an increase in visitor’s arrivals on Top 10th Tourist Destination in the World. Continuous funs pour in by China and Singapore developers, obtaining many lands in the Malaysia real estate investment. By 2020, Singapore and Malaysia will be completing the high-speed rail link that will shorten the traveling time from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to just 90 minutes. This ceils the idea of your investment in Malaysia as well connected to Singapore.

Cambodia is improving in their visibility in many local and foreign investors. Overseas investors have been flocking to Cambodia betting on its strong economic growth which ADB predicted. Cambodia constantly attracts real estate investors and developers from all Asia including those from the Lion State, one of the county’s largest trading partners. Standing on its own against all the property in Asia, Cambodia happens to be politically stable, macro economically stable, low inflation, stable exchange rate, low debt-to-GDP rate. Most important of all is the full ownership that investors will be able to obtain in a strategic location.

Owning a property in Philippines is a keystone both financial affluence and emotional security. Philippines are set to be stable for the next eight years despite the controversies. Long-term economic stability and growth ensure better conditions for more real estate investor to plot the trust there, making it an unforeseen call for many property investors in Asia. With the huge backlog in housing, Urban renewal, OFW bonanza and BPOs/Call Centers will continually make Philippines grow a booming business process outsource. The comparatively more affordable and relax lifestyle in Philippines have attracted more foreigners to buy local condominium units. This positive trend will grow pretty much everywhere for investors who’s looking for property in Asia.

Thailand property is a closed one. Property prices in Thailand are very low. Exciting property investment opportunities are available in areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, where land and property prices are constantly increasing despite the global downturn. Bangkok Condominiums have been the key centers for frequent visit for foreigners. Thinking of retirement in Thailand has been a very good prospect with beautiful property in Asia at a fraction of the price in an exotic climate is definitely irresistible.

Too conclude all that, Property Asia do spot Australia and United Kingdom as a top list for investors to take note. Property sales market has confirmed that it’s an ideal decision for investors to buy up well-priced residential and commercial properties in Australia and United Kingdom. What offers lies after that is a solid rental potential and long term growth prospect. News on special reductions and slashed prices are widely available in both the off –plan and re-sales markets, allowing any investment opportunities at the lowest possible entry levels, making all available choices visible for investors to plan their future.

We, real estate agents from Property Asia would be very happy to assist any client in enquiring any of these properties. Any interested client, business owner or other corporation may contact or this number (+65)90219097.

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